From this quote was born this latest work. In my own research into this time I can only observe that the real battles for Canada were fought in Acadia/Nova Scotia---- and they were vicious and bloody. The ultimate tragedy of the Grand Derangement can never be understated.

I hope that this story in song helps to breathe blood into a part of our history which is often muddled and muddied by dusty dates and distant decision makers.

I want to thank everyone who helped with this project, Ian, Tim, Junior, Alexis, Gilles, Emma, Sally, Janelle, Peter, Daniel, Mary, Bryan and a special thank you to Cole who came to my rescue by writing the melody to "Look At Me My Little One".

Hector MacIsaac

November, 2013


All About Me

"A proclamation of Governor Shirley, dated 21 October,1747, was received at Annapolis Royal 12 April,1748. It promised the king's protection to the loyal inhabitants of Nova Scotia, but it proscribed by name, as guilty of treason and outlaws, Louis Gautier; Joseph and Pierre Gautier, two of his sons; Amand Bugeau; Joseph LeBlanc, dit le Maigre, (lean); Charles and Francis Raymond; Charles LeRoy, a native of this province; and his brother Philips LeRoy; Joseph Broussard, dit Beausoleil; Pierre Guidry, dit Grivois; (jovial) and Louis Hebert, formerly servant of captain Handfield; In all twelve persons. 50 pounds sterling is offered for each, if delivered up within six months; also a pardon to such of the guilty as deliver up an outlaw besides the reward of fifty pounds. It is to be presumed that the twelve persons proscribed had been notorious , in aiding the French and Indians in the subsisting war."

A History Of Nova Scotia or Acadie by Beamish Murdoch, 1866

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